Savings Accounts

Saving at Westmark will help your money amount to more.

When you choose to save with Westmark Credit Union, you have just made a decision to ensure your money lasts longer and goes farther. With many attractive savings account options, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for you, no matter your lifestyle or saving habits. With many convenient features and benefits to make it easier than ever to put money aside to save, consider opening an account and becoming a member at Westmark Credit Union today.

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Savings Account Comparison

Primary Savings
Daily Dividend
Platinum Money Market
Monthly Fee No No No
Min. Balance Requirement $5 Membership Account ($5 per account holder) None $20,000 required or rate reverts to published dividend rate for Primary Savings Account
Dividend Compounded Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Statement *Quarterly *Quarterly *Quarterly
Automatic or Direct Deposit Yes Yes Yes
Transaction Restrictions none none 6 free withdrawals or transfers per month. Additional $10 each

*Statements are sent quarterly on Savings Accounts unless you have an active Westmark Checking Account or active Loan, then you will receive a monthly statement.

Are you looking to “dip your toes” into the world of Westmark Credit Union? With the $5 minimum deposit, you have access and equal share in Westmark. You can get free statements anytime while dividends build up, making it perfect as a way to store extra money here and there over the years, or to casually save up for a trip or big event. If you don’t particularly want to track your goals but would like to get into the habit of saving, this is the perfect account for you.

Account Features

  • 24-hour ATM and CALL 24 access
  • No monthly service fee
  • Dividends accrue on your daily balance, compounded quarterly
  • Free statements
  • Automatic or Direct Deposit available
  • Represents your equal share in Westmark
  • Provides voting privileges for the election of Board of Directors
  • Gives you access to our other financial products and services

Do you have multiple big expenses you want to start saving for? Then you need to get more organized. You’ll want the Daily Dividend Account, which is a step above the Primary Savings Account. You can keep close track of all the big projects or events you want to save for, from putting aside money for college to your mortgage. You’ll get free statements, of course, and can always take out money.

Account Features

  • 24-hour ATM and CALL 24 access
  • No monthly service fee
  • Dividends accrue on your daily balance, compounded monthly
  • Free statements

There are a million ways to invest in your future...

If you have larger amounts you want to save, then Platinum is the best way to go. When you’re talking about money you want to invest for your future, such as retirement funds, this is the way to go. And with higher dividends for accounts balances greater than $20,000, this is the ideal long-term plan, especially if you don’t plan on taking out the money on a regular basis.

A Westmark Platinum Money Market Account is one of the best ways.

  • Does not require a minimum balance
  • Higher dividends than regular savings accounts for balance over the $20,000 tier
  • Six free withdrawals or transfers per month. Each additional transaction is $10.00

Account Features

  • 24-hour ATM and Call 24 access
  • No monthly service fee
  • Dividends accrue on your daily balance, compounded monthly
  • Free statements


Savings account at Westmark

A savings account functions as a deposit account where you receive an interest rate on the money deposited in that account; as such, it’s one of the best and safest ways to invest your money. Whether you are saving for a holiday getaway or retirement, savings accounts are most likely one of the more common bank accounts. At Westmark Credit Union, we make it easy and straightforward for you to store your cash with us safely, with all accounts guaranteed up to $250,000 per account per bank. If you are looking for a secure cash deposit to build up for your future, or you’d like to simply get into the habit of saving money, look no further than any of our Westmark Credit Union locations throughout Idaho.

Our different savings accounts

When you open an account at Westmark Credit Union, you instantly have access to maximum flexibility: Save what you can, when you can. We are an organization not just owned by, but also run for, the members who use our services. That is why we offer we different types of savings accounts to best suit your individual needs and preferences. Each of our different accounts are highly customized and tailored, offering you better deals so you can grow your money quickly and efficiently. For example, our Primary Savings Account is your required membership account and provides you with voting privileges (16-year-olds and up) for election of the Board of Directors. Ranging from differences in our minimum balance requirement to transaction requirements, you’ll be able to find the savings account that works best for you at Westmark Credit Union today.

Why Westmark Credit Union?

No matter the savings account you choose from Westmark Credit Union, you will have something in common with all the other members of our credit unions. Pool your savings together and be a part of our union, and join us on the journey as we continue to improve our services, all while rewarding you for choosing Westmark Credit Union. And with our competitive rates and safety policies, there is no better place for your money to be in Idaho. We make saving attractive and hassle free with no monthly service fees, CALL 24 access, and many more benefits.

Opening a savings account at our credit union has never been easier: To qualify for membership, you must either be a blood relative of a current Westmark Credit Union member, or employed by or retired from any of our many member firms or from most employers from one of the 34 counties in Idaho. You can learn more about becoming a member at Westmark right here. Next, feel free to choose any of our many great savings account options. We look forward to welcoming you!