Youth Programs

girl with piggy bankYouth program accounts help teach money management

Westmark believes in getting kids of all ages excited about managing their money. Our youth programs are setup to reward kids of all ages for contributing to their savings account. For our teenage members we also offer checking accounts as well as credit card accounts to help them learn financial responsibility.

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Scottie Babies

As a member of Westmark Credit Union, we will make the first initial $10 deposit into your new baby's savings account (newborn babies only). Just bring in the baby's Social Security Number and date of birth to open the account.

Scottie Savers Club

Westmark's Scottie Savers Club is a savings program designed for children aged 15 and under. Scottie Savers is a fun and rewarding way to help teach children the virtue of saving. Your child will earn dividends on their account as well as be awarded prizes for their deposits.

Upon joining the Scottie Savers Club, your child will receive:

  • Scottie Savers Passbook
  • A Quarter Saver Book
  • Scottie Saver Sticker

With each deposit of $5 or more for children under 12:

  • Scottie Savers Sticker

Your child can earn prizes as their savings account grows. When your child's account balance reaches the required mark, the specified prize will be awarded as follows:

Deposit Requirement Prize Prize Value
$25 - 75 Tablet & Pencil $2.00
$76 - 150 Flying Disk or Yo Yo (1 prize only - their choice) $ 4.00
$151 - 300 Activity Book, Flying Disk or Yo Yo (1 prize only - their choice) $ 6.00
$301 - 500 Westmark Back Sack or Scottie Puppy (Shadow) (1 prize only - their choice) $ 10.00
$ 501 - 1,000 Scottie Dog (Penny) or Soccer Ball (1 prize only - their choice) $20.00
$ 1,001 - 3,000 For every $500 increment over $1,001 up to $3,000 - $20 Prize deposited into account $20.00
Annual December Drawing – Chance to win a bike or an IPOD 

See a Financial Service Representative for more information regarding our Youth Program.