Term Certificates

Term Certificates-the longer you can invest, the more you can earn.

Westmark Term Certificates are a way to maximize your earnings on your savings whenever you can afford to set aside your money for at least three months. Term Certificates pay higher dividends than savings programs because you invest your money for a specific period of time. Generally, the longer you choose to set aside your money, the higher the dividend paid.


Term Certificate Calculator

Maximize your savings with Westmark Credit Union’s Term Certificate Calculator. Discover the best interest rates and term lengths for optimal financial growth.


All Westmark Term Certificates include the below features:

  • Minimum deposit of $500 required.
  • All Term Certificates automatically renew.
  • 10-day grace period following Certificate maturity date.
  • Dividends may be compounded or paid into a share account.
  • Dividend rates are tiered for larger deposits.

Each Term Certificate may be federally insured to a maximum of $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Term Dividends Compounded Early Withdrawal Penalty
90-Days At Maturity 90 Days Dividends
180-Days At Maturity 90 Days Dividends
12-Months Quarterly 180 Days Dividends
18-Months Quarterly 180 Days Dividends
24-Months Quarterly 180 Days Dividends
36-Months Quarterly 180 Days Dividends
48-Months Quarterly 180 Days Dividends
60-Months Quarterly 180 Days Dividends

Westmark also offers high yielding IRA Term Certificates. Please see our IRA Tab for information.