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From a non-Westmark Account *


To pay your Westmark loan from a checking or savings account at another financial institution, or using an alternate  debit card, please login to the Loan Payment Center by selecting the "Recurring Payment" button or the "One-Time Payment" button above. 

If you would like to make your loan payment over the phone using a non-Westmark debit card or need any assistance with registering or using the Online Loan Payment Center, please contact our Payment Center Support at 208-523-1616 or toll-free 1-888-678-1616.

*A $4.95 payment service fee applies for each payment sent from a non-Westmark account if processed online. Recurring payments are free of charge. Debit cards can be accepted but credit cards aren't accepted. 

From a Westmark Account

online banking Access

To pay your loan from a Westmark savings or checking account, please login to our Online Banking System. This option allows you to transfer money from your Westmark savings or checking account directly to your Westmark loan.